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Helpful Calculators

Automobile Calculators
Should I lease or purchase an auto?What would my auto payments be?Auto loan - Accelerated payoffHow much vehicle can I afford?Auto purchase - Loan versus 0% dealer financing?Should I upgrade to a more fuel efficient vehicle?
Cash Flow Calculators
How much am I spending?How much do I need for emergencies?What is my current net worth?What is my current cash flow?Value of reducing or foregoing expenses.
College Calculators
How much should I be saving for college?Advantages of the Coverdell ESA.Advantages of a 529 College Savings Plan
Insurance Calculators
What are the chances of becoming disabled?How much disability income insurance do I need?Which is better, comprehensive plan or high-deductible plan with HSA?
Investment Calculators
How should I allocate my assets?What is my risk tolerance?
Home & Mortgage Calculators
How much home can I afford?Should I refinance my home mortgage (breakeven)?Mortgage calculatorComparing mortgage terms (i.e. 15, 20, 30 year)Should I pay discount points for a lower interest rate?Should I rent or buy a home?Should I convert to a bi-weekly payment schedule?
Paycheck & Benefits Calculators
Convert my salary to an equivalent hourly wage.
Retirement Calculators
Social security retirement income estimator
Saving Calculators
Income generated by a savings plan.How long until my savings reach my goal?What will my current savings grow to?What is my effective annual yield?Becoming a millionaireHow long will it take to double my money?
Taxation Calculators
What is my potential estate tax liability?Should I adjust my payroll withholdings?How much self-employment tax will I pay?Capital gains (and losses) tax estimatorShould I itemize or take the standard deduction?
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